The Best Android Antivirus Apps in 2018

Thousands of users become the victims of mobile viruses every day. If your device is attacked by malware, you may lose your data or need to reinstall the Android system. To avoid it, you should install a good Android antivirus and use it all the time when going online.

Avast Mobile Security, except for finding and deleting viruses, also brings you extra features. It can block unwanted calls, work as the firewall for your device connections, and has the remote wipe. However, if you don’t pay for the full version, you may see ads.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free is a small app that will protect your device from viruses. It is a lightweight program and doesn’t influence the work of your system much. However, if you want to scan for malware and delete it, you will need to schedule these scans.

AVL is also lightweight and gives your device the protection it needs. It doesn’t overuse system resources so it is compatible even with cheap devices that are not much powerful. It has the feature that let you block calls.

Don’t try to install these or another antivirus at the same time. There may be conflicts so you need to uninstall previous apps before downloading others. You can try different programs to see which of them brings you the best protection from viruses.

The Best Video Converters in 2018

To run your media files on other devices, make them smaller or change their quality, change the ratio and add special effects to them, you may need to use video converters. There are many programs for converting video and here you can learn more about them. You can easily download and install all of them to compare their advantages.

Any Video Converter is known for its speed. It helps you to convert your videos fast, and you don’t have to pay for using this program. It also converts even videos from the web, gives you extra filters and effects, and support many formats.

Freemake Video Converter is quick, it is also very flexible, and most of the users notice its ease in use. It works with different formats of video. This program also contains extra tools for editing video before converting it. With the help of Freemake Video Converter, you can convert files hosted online.

Free HD Video Converter Factory may need more time for understanding its functionality, but later you will need just a few seconds to run the converting process. It also provides its users with tools for editing videos. It contains several device profiles if needed.

There are also many other converters that may be even more helpful to you. Before installing them, check that they have all the features that are needed to convert your files.

The Best Media Players in 2018

Standard media players are not much cozy for users so they are looking for the software with more functionality. You can download and install different modern media players that bring you a lot of interesting features. Here you can learn about the most popular and useful programs for audio and video playback.

VLC Media Player is known as the flexible and customizable media player. You don’t have to pay for it, the installation file has a small size, and it is very simple. It helps you to play media files from any sources and also supports 360-degree videos. If you need to convert files or expand the functionality by using plugins, you can do it with VLC too.

The Kodi player is helpful for people who need to organize their media files and stream them in their home networks. It is not only good for media streaming but also can be extended by using plugins and can be used as the PVR.

If you need the advanced file management, you may consider using MediaMonkey. It provides the simple file management and automatic tagging of your media. This player also helps you to stream the media files and sync them with mobile devices.

If you don’t want to install extra codes to play your files, you can try GOM Player. It also supports popular 360-degree videos.

The Truecaller Service Now Has a Messaging App

Many people are using the Truecaller app to protect their devices from spam. It works as the anti-spam service that helps you to avoid unwanted calls and messages. The company has announced that the chat feature will also be available for its users soon.

This update will be released on the Android and iOS versions of Truecaller. This is not just a small feature, but a way to build its community by making Truecaller a social service.

Android beta users can already try this feature on their devices. If you want to try a stable version on it, you need to wait until it will be released. The company has plans to allow third-parties integrating their services into this app, that is why the decision to add the chat feature seems to be reasonable.

You will be able to send and receive the unlimited number of messages to the other users of this service. If you want to speak with people who are not users of Truecaller, you will be able to send them via SMS because it is supported by this program.

Fake news is the very big problem for the modern media. The representatives of the company say that the chat feature will help to fight fake news and save only the verified information. There is still no logic for checking facts but the company rely on the users of the app.

WiFi Standards Now Have Numbers

When speaking about the standards of WiFi, people use such words as “802.11ac”, “802.11n”, “802.11g”, etc. However, only specialists understand this and most of the people don’t get the difference between these standards.

The WiFi Alliance trade group decided to make things clearer for usual customers and give the numbers to specific WiFi versions. Now, when you speak about different versions of this protocol, you will just say “WiFi 5” or use another number according to the version.

Customers will not need to read specifications and big manuals to understand what standard is better. They will see only the number that shows how old the WiFi version is and how secure and fast it can be. The bigger this number is, the better quality it has.

This process can take some time and many users may have problems when using both of these naming standards. However, it will simplify the choice of home WiFi routers and other devices that use this protocol. You will not need to remember what is IEEE 802.11 and how it is connected with IEEE 1394 and IEEE 802.3, as with many other specifications. This idea can also boost the development of newer and more powerful versions of WiFi.

Google Translate Recognizes Dialects

Most of the English-speaking people know that there are many dialects and many of them are much different. Sometimes it is not easy to understand what another person means even if they speak the same language as you. With the help of Google Translate, understanding people with different dialects will be much easier.

The iPhone app of Google Translate includes a few regional options. You can use them when configuring your speech input and output. If you have this app installed, you don’t need to speak in another dialect or listen to the pronunciation that is not much usual to you.

For a long time, Google Translate worked only with Traditional American English. Now it will be easier for people who speak British English and other dialects, including Indian.

This update also works or other languages. For example, the app will see the difference between French and Canadian pronunciation, Mexican and Spanish. It will be very helpful for people who travel to other regions and countries and can’t communicate with its citizens by using standard English, French, or Spanish. If you still don’t have this app on your device, you can easily download and install this app from App Store.

Account Deletion Grace Period in Facebook Will Be Prolonged

Most of this network users know that deleting your account is not a simple thing. But if you want to delete your profile, it is better to do it now because the grace period will be about 30 days soon.

If you open the Facebook settings and choose to delete your account, it does not actually become deleted. You have 14 days to change your mind and turn the deletion process back. During these 14 days, your data would not be deleted from the server.

Now the company is going to make the grace period bigger. You will need to wait for 30 days until the account will be fully deleted. So, all your data will still be on the server during a month, even if you already started the deleting process.

It is a good idea for those who often change their mind. Many people also use to delete their Facebook accounts for a few days if they want to relax from social media, and then they get it back in a few minutes just by canceling the request.

However, it is not good news for those who want to disappear from this website and delete all the information from Facebook. If you don’t want your data to be stored on the website, you can’t erase it immediately but need to wait for a long time.

The Official Announcement of Surface Studio 2

Microsoft officially unveiled the information about the second generation of its Surface Studio. Now we know how it is different from its predecessor and what interesting features it offers to its owners.

Outside, it looks very similar to the first Surface Studio. It also has a 28-inch big screen that is very convenient for drawing. However, Microsoft decided to increase its brightness and contrast, although you may not notice it immediately.

When buying this device, you get more memory. The base version contains the 1GB SSD drive, and the top version is provided with 2GB SSD. However, you get the Intel Core i7 processor, that is not the latest version.

The device also has some improvements that would help you to boost the video processing or image drawing process. It still supports sRGB color gamut and DCI-P3 technologies, also as Xbox Wireless and Surface Dial.

The screen is able to display 13,5 million pixels. It is also able to recognize the angle of the Surface Pen and its pressure on the screen.

Now you can make a preorder for the Surface Studio 2. The shipping is going to start at the end of 2018. To get more information, you can find it on the official Microsoft website.

How to Avoid Stealing your WiFi

Your home WiFi networks help you to access the Internet from any corner with no cables. However, it also lets your neighbors steal your WiFi if it’s unsecured. As the result, you get the lower connection and your personal data can also be stolen this way.

From time to time, you need to check the list of connected devices. If there are more devices that you have at your home, it means that your neighbor may be also connected to your network. To do it, you need to open the webpage for configuring your router and find something like “connected devices”. If you don’t know how to do it, read the user manual of your router.

You should also use the latest security protocol, like WPA2. You can set it when configuring your network. This protocol is the most reliable when you want to protect your network from stealing the password.

Even if you have an expensive and professional router, it wouldn’t protect you if your password is weak. Use the complex password with a big length, numbers and uppercase characters, and special characters.

Don’t forget to update the software of your router. Check the official website of a company who developed your router and look if there any updates for your router.

What’s New in October Update for Windows 10

Microsoft released the official update for its Windows 10 operating system. When some users just download and install it, other customers wonder what new features they get with this update.

Now you are able to configure the Print Screen button to run the Screen Sketch on pressing. The Snipping Tool is also redesigned.

There is also good news for those who are familiar with Windows Mixed Reality. After the update, it can be used with no monitor.

It will also be cozier for games because of the easier access to the Game bar. Now you can open it from the Apps List in the Start menu.

SwiftKey feature now works with touchscreens and on-screen keyboards. If you need to configure Typing insights, you will be able to do it in the Settings app.

Now you can manage Sound device properties from the Settings app. The Focus Assist will be enabled or disabled depending on what game is running.

The landing page of Cortana was also extended. Now it has a cozier panel with easier access to Search and Timeline.

There are also many updates for Microsoft Edge. More themes in the Reading View, pinning the toolbar when reading PDF, and other features. This is only the short list of Windows 10 updates but you can learn more from the official Microsoft website.